Between September 1st and September 30th, is pitting all active porn stars, erotic models, and cam girls that have a babe section on FreeOnes against each other to see who will become Miss FreeOnes 2014 and take home the grand prize of $10,000!

Contest Overview

The 2014 contest will consist of 3 rounds in which both FreeOnes members and the anonymous public can vote for their favorite models on their FreeOnes babe sections.

At the end of all 3 rounds, the #1 girls in each category will receive part of the $30,000 in prize money! What’s more, there are some other great prizes for the 2014 contest! A winner of the Miss FreeOnes contest will be able to star in a FantasyMassage scene while the winner of the Most Underrated category will receive a solo site from Pornstar Platinum and a modeling contract from OC Modeling!

How the Rounds work in 2014

The 2014 contest will consist of 3 rounds spread over 30 days. Below is a break-down of the rounds.

*Please note that all votes will reset at the end of each round to give each contestant moving on a level playing field.

2014 Miss FreeOnes Categories

Voting in the 2014 Miss FreeOnes Contest

Voting has completely changed for the 2014 contest! If you’ve voted in the past several Miss FreeOnes contests, please read the information below carefully so you don’t waste your votes! If you have questions, please contact us at

Where do I vote from?
All voting for 2014 will be done directly on your favorite model’s FreeOnes babe section! You can still see who’s entered on Miss FreeOnes and go directly to the model’s page from her photo!

How many votes do I get per round?
It’s important to note that this year, you only get to vote 1x per model, no matter how many categories she’s listed in! You’ll need to think carefully about who you want to vote for!

When do my votes refresh?
Your votes will refresh at 12am EST each day. Please be aware that any unused votes will be lost after the votes refresh.

Voting as a FreeOnes Member:
Voting as a FreeOnes member will benefit you and help your favorite model(s) get ahead! All you need to do is log in using your FreeOnes account information! If you’re not a member yet, register for FREE at

Voting as an Anonymous Voter:
The following applies to voters who do not wish to log in to their FreeOnes member account, and/or doesn’t have an account:

To gain the benefits of a FreeOnes Member, either log into the contest or click here to sign up for a free account!


Cheating is defined as purposely voting more than your allowed amount of votes per day. This includes voting from more than one device or the same device multiple times (computer, mobile phone, console gaming device, or any other means to connect to the internet); voting from multiple IP addresses; using a bot, script, program, plug-in or any other means to override the voting program; hacking or manipulating the voting software; and/or making multiple FreeOnes accounts.

If a voter is caught cheating by a means mentioned above or any other means, the votes will be deleted and the cheater’s IP blocked from future voting.

FreeOnes members who are caught cheating may have their account banned on a temporary basis or permanent based on the discretion of FreeOnes.

If a voter is caught cheating on behalf of a contestant, the contestant could be disqualified from the contest at the discretion of FreeOnes.

** Please note that all allegations of cheating will be investigated by FreeOnes, however, the results or who is involved may not become public information nor discussed in public forums. If you believe someone is cheating, you can report it at

FreeOnes retains the right to update or change anything pertaining to the Miss FreeOnes 2014 contest anytime without prior notice, including but not limited to the way voting works, contest rules, prizes, or what constitutes as cheating. All decisions made by FreeOnes is final.